Ellesmere (version anglaise)

Ellesmere (version anglaise)

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Deux livres, en français et en anglais, dans un même bouquin.

The summer Jesse left for Port Harrison was the moment everything changed.

I was ten, but with the way things were going, I felt about a hundred. This wasn’t the case for my sister. Amid her ordeals she managed to keep this innocence we call naiveté—although candour might be a better term—something like eternal youth, even with her wrinkles, and her hands aged with work.

She was nine years old when my brother left. I hadn’t witnessed the final scene. There are so many things to say about this story, so many ways of explaining.

I get lost in all of this and yet I know everything, maybe too much.


In the 1950s, the Canadian government deported Inuit families to Ellesmere, an island located at the extreme far north of the Arctic Ocean; a sacrifice of human lives as a means to maintain Canada’s sovereignty.

These families were tragically uprooted from their native land and abandoned on an ice floe in the middle of a polar night.

This cruel moment in history serves as the backdrop to Desjardins’ novel; a modern Gothic where evil prevails, as well as a dysfunctional family, a fallen artist, money and the fight for power. A psychological thriller about scandal and the exploitation of man by man.